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    2017 Winter Camps Update

    We had an amazing time this winter with the orphans. Thank you everyone for you prayers and your support. The children enjoyed the program and the gifts, but more the anything they loved the attention and the love they received!

    Summer Camps: 2018

    Come Join Us!

    If you are looking for something meaningful to do this summer, we would like you to come join us! Little Lambs Ministry is planning the Summer Camps 2018.


    We need people who would like to spend two weeks in an orphanage with the orphans. We need people, young and old, who can travel to Ukraine and share the Love of Christ with children that have been abandoned. We will be working hand in hand with our local Ukrainian brothers and sisters as this is a real team effort.


    Summer Camps are scheduled:


    Summer Camps: May 28 - June 11, 2018

    Foster kids Camp July 1-10, 2018


    Please pray and ask God how you can help this summer and send in your camp application.


    Interested in what the camp experiences look like including life-changing testimonials? Check out our past Newsletter page here!

    serving the orphans in Ukraine for 25 years

    I want to give thanks and reflect back on the ministry and the many miracles in the last 25 years. Many children, who we met in 1992, have grown up and started families. Some have opened their homes to orphans, while others became missionaries or caregivers. Who would have thought 25 years ago that Sasha would become a missionary, or that Natalya would care for old ladies in Kiev just because they love God and want to serve Him? Or that Maxim and Kolya, after graduating from an orphanage, would start a home for orphans? When we started this ministry, we were told that we were wasting our time and money, that nothing good can come out of these kids and that most of them would end up in prison. But God had a plan for them and only God could have done this. Children, who were forgotten and rejected by society and their parents, were not forgotten by God. He adopted them into His family and called them His children.


    Over the last 25 years we have sent over 200 teams to Ukraine and our purpose was always to love the children and share God’s love with them. Though, most of the times, we were touched just as much by the children’s love and our lives were changed. Many of us left part of our hearts in Ukraine. There are hundreds of Natashas, Sergeys, Sashas, Kolyas, Dimas, Olyas whose lives were changed by learning about a God who promised to always be their Father. Thank you to everyone for loving these children for so many years.

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