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    "...for in you the fatherless find compasion" Hosea 14:3

    Mission Statement

    Little Lambs Ministry is committed to providing the opportunity for orphans and abandoned children in Eurasia and China to accept Christ, to grow in their faith, and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.


    Little Lambs is committed to assisting Christian organizations and Churches in Eurasia and China in their orphan ministries and evangelistic church growth programs.


    Orphans and abandoned children - God gave us the vision and desire to provide love, nurture, spiritual teaching, and physical and emotional care for those who need the most but have the least - the abandoned children of the former Soviet Union.

    How we seek to fulfill the Mission...

    • To provide the opportunity to accept Christ. We teach Bible lessons in the orphanages during the winter and organize Christian camps for orphans in the summer.
    • To provide the opportunity to grow in their faith. Partnering with the local churches to provide support and resources for outreach ministries to the graduates of the orphanages through Bible studies, fellowship, and meals.
    • To provide the opportunity to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. We support and encourage the graduates to stay in trade schools. We offer counseling and help find jobs and housing for children. We provide family-type homes for orphans where the children can grow up under the nurturing love of Christian house parents and learn about God, who will never leave them Fatherless, and Jesus, His Son, who made it possible for them to be a part of God's family.
    • To provide the opportunity for national churches and organizations to reach the lost. Little Lambs Ministry is committed to assisting Christian organizations and churches in Eurasia and China in their orphan ministries, evangelistic and church growth programs.
    • To provide the opportunity for Ukrainian families to foster and adopt children from orphanages. Starting as early as 2010, Little Lambs took on the role of helping Ukrainian families who are taking in orphaned and abandoned children into their homes. 
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    ECFA accreditation entitles a ministry to use the ECFA seal and receive other Accreditation Benefits. The continuing use of the seal depends on the ministry’s good faith compliance with all ECFA Standards.

    Little Lambs is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

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