Little Lambs Summer Camps 2016

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers, your support and your love for the orphans in Ukraine. We had a wonderful summer working in five orphanages. We met new kids who have never been in a camp like this. Many of them were shocked that we were staying for 2 weeks. One of the directors told me, I have never met people like this, who just give not asking anyhting in return.This was God's light shining in that village and that orhpanage. Thank you to all our teams for their love, for their service and commitment to the orphans in Ukraine. 

What a joy it was to go to the Ukraine and love on those orphans! Our Ukrainian team members were an awesome group of fellow Christians which I really enjoyed getting to know and serve beside. I will never forget the love that we gave and the love we received back and the wonderful friends that we made. May God continue to bless them all and water the seeds that were planted!  Kathy Guinn

Well I guess I don't even know where to begin. I think something that hit me was when I sang to a little girl. She wouldn't sit still kept moving around and yanking me all over. Finally I got her into a comfortable position, and I started singing to her. She went absolutely still as I sang Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the little children over and over to her. We stayed there like that for nearly 15 minutes just me and her. And she sat like that the whole time. That was and amazing experience because just the sound of Jesus's name stilled a restless child.  Eden

Even though I have been to Little Lambs camps in the past, I am always in awe of God and how God works. God sends a group of people that have not met before, do not know each other, and melds them into a force to love others and show others God's love for them. When I see how other people love God and live to show God's love to others I am somewhat ashamed of the little I do to show the same love of God. I am in awe of the young people and the energy they have every day even when they may not feel like it. God bless Ira for leading our exercises every morning. All the people I worked with have lives and things happening in their lives that would be enough to say to God that I can't do Little Lambs camp this year but they didn't and they came to camp did a marvelous work. God bless all of you who worked in Kirovograd this year. Eugene

Please pray with your families for the ophans in Ukraine.

As the busy summer comes to an end and we all getting ready for our children and grandchildren to start a new school year, please remember the children in Ukraine who have no one who cares for them or hugs them at night. Pray that God will be their father and their comforter. Please pray also for the Ukrainian teams as they plan to go and visit the children when the school starts. The school starts on September 1st in Ukraine. If you like to help the Ukraine team to visit the orphans, please send your donation to Little Lambs Ministry.  

Little Lambs June 2016 Camps

Thank you for praying for our Little Lambs June Camps in Ukraine. We had 3 camps and God gave us amazing teams and wonderful time with the children. So much fun, so many hugs and we want to thank you all for make this all possible.

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The summer is coming.  If you are called to share Gods love with the children in Ukraine this summer, we need you. Please pray about it and apply soon.  

Please apply by March 30, 2016


Little Lambs Summer Camps in Ukraine 

May 29 - June 14, 2016



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Winter Camps 2015

Two weeks ago our team went to visit Kostya, a graduate from Znamenka, who is now in a nursing home for old and disabled people. He was overjoyed and was screaming: “They came to visit me! They came to visit me!” Everyone heard the joy in his voice, that he is not forgotten, that someone cared enough to come. Please pray for Kosya’s future. 



We had a wonderful winter program in 9 orphanages this Christmas and I want to thank you for your support and your love for the orphans in Ukraine. Summer and winter camps are the highlights for children who live in the orphanages. That is where the relationships are being built and Gods love is being spread. 


The summer is coming soon and if you are called to share Gods love with the children in Ukraine this summer, we need you. Please pray about it and apply soon. 


Like Kostya, kids want to know that they are not forgotten. Will you come and love the children in the orphanages this summer? 



Winter in Macedonia
Refugee update January 2016

We hear so much about Syrian refugees on the news, especially after what happened in Cologne, Germany and many of us just want them to go away. But they have no palce to go and most of them are running away to safe their families. Please keep praying for the refugee families and pray for our governments to be wise. But we as Christians have to be compassionate, because this is what Jesus teaches us. The governments have to keep its citizens safe, but we as Christians have to love the refugees and have compassion for them. Thank you for your compassion. 

A letter from Pastor Stole in Macedonia. 

Every day  from the Southern border between Macedonia and Greece to the Northern  border  between Macedonia and Serbia we have approximately  600-800 migrants travel every day. Winter is here and many of them have no proper winter clothing for this weather. 
On the Southern border at the check point we have 2 teams providing: packages of food for 350 people and hot soup for 150people. Last week our teams started to offer some winter clothes to refugees. After the refugees are finished with administrative procedures of receiving  travel papers they travel further North by train provided by the Macedonian government. 
At the Northern border we have teams from different local churches who meet the refugees who continue from there their trip further North by walking the next 1,5 km to the Serbian border by foot. At this camp we provide for the refugees a cup of hot tea, some apples or bananas and winter clothes as well.

As part of our evangelistic activities we have prepared some materials in electronic form in various languages. Several thousand copies have been distributed. Some of them have already seen the Jesus film. We also give them a card with a Facebook page where they can find church info and other Christian info. Please pray for our teams. Every Friday we help out on the Northern border serving the migrants. On the Southern border our team works every day from 7am till 3pm. 

Please pray for our churches and volunteers. Pray for the refugees and their families that they will find the true God. Thank you for you support and your prayers. Many greetings and blessings.


Peace on Earth good will toward men!

Winter in Ukraine 2015 

As we decorate our homes to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, I can’t help but to think of how much trouble we have in this world today. Peace on earth, peace in Ukraine means so much more this year. God, we pray for peace not only in this world but also in our hearts. Because of the baby born in the manger we can have peace in our hearts and this peace we wish to all people here and around the world.

This Peace we are sharing with orphans in Ukraine this winter. Little Lambs is partnering with many churches to bring the message of love and peace to many abandoned, hurting and broken little lives. Our teams will travel to the orphanages over the Christmas time and have some special time singing, crafting, playing and hugging. Please pray for the Ukrainian teams this winter. Please pray for the orphans. May God heal the broken and hurting lives. Please pray for peace in Ukraine. 

Ukraine needs our prayers and our support. Because of the fighting in the East Ukraine’s economy is very fragile. Very few people can afford to help the orphans or pay to go to the camps. For $50 you can help a Ukrainian volunteer to get to the camp this winter. Please make this Christmas special for the orphans in Ukraine


We had such a great time together with the children. So much emotion, joy, love, and so many hugs. Our team was wonderful and we absolutely enjoyed the time with the children. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to share His Love with those kids. Thank everyone who prayed for us. Thank you for helping the orphans in Ukraine.  Nadya


Please help us this winter to buy Christmas gifts for the orphans in 6 orphanages (600 gifts).  We cannot ship the gifts from U.S. anymore, but we can buy them in Kiev.  We will buy: a toy, apples and oranges and some school supplies. Only $10 a gift!


You can also help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters to get to the camps. For $50 you can sponsor a volunteer this winter who cannot afford to pay his or her way to get there. 


Read our full latest newletter: 

winter 2015 Newsletter.pdf
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Make this Christmas special for the orphans in Ukraine 


$50 will buy 5 gifts for the orphans 

$100 will buy 10 gifts for the orphans


Macedonian Update  October 2015

Imagine leaving home, grabbing the most important possessions you can carry, and setting out to an unknown destination. You have no car and don’t even know where you will sleep in the evening. Looking at your family, you know that you’d rather risk the uncertain than face a certain death. As thousands of refugees cross into Eastern Europe, we try our best to respond to the tremendous humanitarian and spiritual needs. With your help we have sent $8000 to the Macedonian churches.
Waldemar Kurz recently visited the refugee camps in Macedonia. He writes: When we visited the camps, there were thousands of refugees awaiting entry into the camp. They received some transit papers, possibly some food and then they went onto busses, trains and taxis heading north for the Serbian border.
We helped pack food packages. The partner we are working with provides 300 packages daily. That's all they can afford. There are two more Christian agencies helping, but there are by far not enough packages. In total there are about 2,000 packages, I believe, and there were about 9,000 refugees processed during the day we were there. One man has been traveling for 55 days. He was treated like an animal when seeking refuge in a Middle-Eastern country and deported back. When he arrived to that particular country, he was wearing sandals and asked, "Will they give us shoes here?" The answer he received was, “Maybe.”

The rain and the coming cold weather is scary as refugees are often exposed to the elements and have to walk for miles especially crossing the borders, since they don't cross at official border crossings, but have to find ways around them. To see children carrying other children is heartbreaking. The multitude of people and the little help we can provide is tough to process. So we do what we can.”
The churches in Macedonia continue to help the refugees and share the Gospel as they are able.  But they need our help and our prayers. I hope we can send more funds in the coming weeks to help the churches. Please join us in prayer for those who desperately look for a new future. 

Helping Europe's Refugees 

Helping Macedonian and Serbian churches to deal with Refugees.

Thousands of refugees from Iraq and Syria passing through Macedonia and Serbia to get to Germany or other EU countries. Some churches in Serbia and Macedonia are trying to help the families who are thirsty, hungry, and tired from the long travel. Most of them have lost everything behind and have nothing and need help. The churches are providing for them food, give them clean clothes and basic hygiene items. Churches cannot handle that number of people and need our help. We wold like to send them funds from Little Lambs Ministry to help. If you want and can help, please go donate on the ledt side og this page. Or use our paypal:

and designate: Europe's refugees

Have you see the horrifying photos of Syrian refugees and felt completely helpless? How Many more will die before we get involved? 

They are fathers, mothers, daughters, wives, just like us. With precious babies just like ours. Please pray how you can help.  We are so blessed to live in this country. Lets conut our blessing and remember that God want us to help the orphans, widdows and refugees. Please  help those suffering families across the world.


Little Lambs Summer 2015

We praise God for the wonderful summer we had in Ukraine. God allowed us to be part of eight summer camps for orphans. Four Camps in June, two camps in July and two in August. Thank you to all volunteers and supporters. Thank you for your love for the children in Ukraine.

I had a dream last night that I was back in Ukraine, and I saw the kids in my group. We called each other by name and understood each other even though I don't know the language. When they saw me and I saw them, we cried with joy and hugged as to never let go...I miss this place. I had an amazing time in Ukraine this summer. I fell in love with them and realize that we need to start investing in these children and show them Jesus before it's too late.                           Hannah Mitchell

The children of Ukraine are precious, and words can't describe how life changing this experience was. I remember when we threw a birthday party for all the kids in the orphanage. Many of them never get a chance to celebrate their birthday; they don't even know when it is. This is Vitalina, the precious little Ukrainian girl who stole my heart. THANK YOU ALL so much for your support and prayers.    Belinda Chen

Camps for Little Lambs Homes

This August Little Lambs did something new: we helped running a camp in Odessa for 10 foster families. These 10 families took orphans into their homes and started  family homes for orphans. Little Lambs has helped many families over the last few years to start a home: Like to add a room or a bathroom. But to have camps for these families was a first for us. It is a  great need to have camps like this where the parents meet other parents and learn that they are not the only ones who have issues with the kids.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with the children, give parents a brake and opportunities to learn from each other. We are planning to do 2-3 of these camps next summer for the family homes that we support. Many parents have little support and have been burned out. We will come along side these families with love and support them. Thank you Lord for families, who are taking in orphans.


Little Lambs June Camps 2015

       Thank you for praying for the summer camps and the teams as they shared the message of Hope with the Ukrainian orphans. We had 4 camps in 4 orphanages in June and two are still running in the Odessa region.


This was a summer of hugs. I had prayed for close relationships, and my prayer was answered.  This was the second year for a Little Lambs Camp so that helped. There were one or two kids that were shy at first, but there seemed to be no barriers between the kids and us. The kids were an inspiration. So many had physical disabilities but lived as thought they had no disabilities.  As soon as we arrived, Nina braided all the girls' hair.  Tanya, who cannot walk normally, sang a Ukrainian song for us on the second night.  

I noticed Yura, who was eleven years old, but small doe his age was occasionally trampled by others who were bigger.  I took his picture to make him feel appreciated. That evening he brought a Frisbee to me and we played for a long time. The next morning, Yura took my hand so we could walk together to Bible study. Andrei said that he watched us play Frisbee, and that it was obvious that Yura had never played Frisbee before, though he learned it quickly.  That reminded me that most of the boys have never had a father play a game individually with them. Personal attention from a father is missing.  Larry Webb

This is an example of the love that the children need. As sad as it is most of the orphans have never been hugged by either father or mother. God wants to be their father and we can be his arms to hug them. And that is exactly what our team did and still is doing this summer. Thank you for your prayers and your support.

Ukraine 2015  - Little Lambs Summer Camps 

Today Ukraine is still far from peace and stability. We read almost everyday that people are dying in the warzone even though there is a ceasefire agreement in place. Most of the Ukrainian people live in fear of what will happened tomorrow. Many ask, where is God? 


The people in Ukraine need encouragement and love. The children in the orphanages are waiting for someone to hug them and tell them that they are not alone and not forgotten. That is why we are planning eight summer camps for the orphans this summer. We only have one American team in June, but we have our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are ready and willing to serve. Because of the unstable economy, many of those who are being led to go cannot contribute this summer and we need your help to assist our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. 


It costs $100 to send a Ukrainian volunteer to the camp for 2 weeks. It costs $2400 to send an American volunteer to Ukraine. If you cannot go, please pray about sponsoring a Ukrainian to go. 


Many of you have been there and remember the children, please don't forget them.


Bringing Christmas to the orphans in Ukraine.

Winter Camps for orphans in Ukraine

Even though there is war in Eastern Ukraine, life in the rest of the country as almost normal. That means that the children in the orphanages are waiting for our teams this Christmas and we are planning to have seven winter camps. No American teams will be going to Ukraine this winter, but our Ukrainian brothers and sisters will go and share Gods Love with the orphans. At Christmas time its very easy to talk about our Savior who came to save us and we don't want to miss that opportunity. We will be bringing gifts and food to the orphanages and we need your help. We will be buying gifts for 750 orphans this winter - each gift costs $15 and it includes: warm socks, warm underwear, a hat, gloves, soap and candy. Many of you have been in the camps and have met the children. They are precious! Since we cannot go, please think what you can do for them this Christmas. Help us to buy 750 gifts.


Bringing Christmas to the Orphans


$15 will help one child

$30 will help two children

$150 will help 10 children

More updates in our December Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter.pdf
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What is going on in Ukraine?

December 2014 Update

Last winter the people of Ukraine said “NO” to Russian backed president and protested; some even died for their freedom. Later Russia invaded Crimea and supported the war in Eastern Ukraine. Since then thousands have died in this war on both sides and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes and Russia's oppressions. Many of the refugees are not able to move back especially those who are pro-Western in their thinking. They would face resentment and persecution and many would risk their lives if they went back to their homes. They left everything behind to save their families. For those who stayed the conditions are very bad: government, schools, stores, banks are not functioning and people are in a state of confusion and desperation. Many have no heat, water or electricity and winter has arrived. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior this year, please remember the suffering people in Ukraine. Please Continue to pray for Ukraine and its people.


Help Ukraine’s refugees this



$50 will help a family buy food for a week

$200 for a month




Helping Ukraine's Refugees

Refugee Update November 2014

Winter is coming! Please Pray for Ukraine's Refugees



Refugee update 2.pdf
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Refugee Update - October 2014

Two weeks ago we have visited a few villages in Cherkassy region where the church planters help to resettle refugees. There are about 6000 refugees in the Cherkassy region and many churches are helping to provide housing, food and clothing for them. When we brought bags of food and some sausage, one lady said: “they have not had and meat for two months”. Many families have little children. Diapers and baby food are the biggest needs. The church planters have an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel with the refugees. Some churches doubled in size because of the refuges that are coming to church now.

We helped two food pantries (one in Cherkassy and one in Kiev) to buy food, because their shelves were empty. In Cherkassy they have almost a 1000 people that have registered at that food bank Last Saturday, in Borchigovka, outside of Kiev was the opening of their food bank (food basket) and 200 refugees came on the first day. All of them were invited to church and we pray that God will give them not only food for their bodied, but also food for their souls.

Refugee Families NEED our HELP this Winter:

We are partnering with churches that are resettleling  people from eastern Ukraine. There is an tremendous NEED for food, bedding, small kitchen items and shelter. We can help saves lives in Ukraine. 

$300 will help a refugee family to survive this winter    





Summer Newsletter!

Summer Newsletter 2014
Summer Newsletter 2014.pdf
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Relief Progam Update



Even though we had a wonderful and blessed time in the camps this summer, our hearts are heavy for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We are asking for your help as we assist orphans and families who are fleeing eastern Ukraine. Download the Newsletter and read below to find out how you can help.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry and to those who came and served in the camps this summer!

This year orphanage directors asked us to help provide basic items for the children and the orphanage. We received over $12,000 from all of you to purchase socks, shoes, shampoo and laundry and dish detergent! We had enough to distribute these items in every orphanaged that we worked with this summer. 


Thank you so much for helping us purchase these basic hygiene items! You have made so many children and orphanage directors happy! (Download the Summer Newsletter to see more photos of children receiving these items!)

Although we are no longer shipping humanitarian aid containers, the NEEDS OF THESE CHILDREN ARE ONGOING. We will be collecting money and purchasing itmes these children need in Ukraine. We will continue to raise money for thse children throughout the year. 



Odessa Summer Camp for 180 Refugee Orphans: We need your HELP with this camp. We do not have enough food to share with them. We need help providing food and covering transportation costs for our Ukrainian volunteers.


Food: $8,000 

Transportation: $2,000


Evacuating Refugee Families: We are partnering with some churches that are daily evacuating people from easter Ukraine.  There is an ongoing NEED for food, fuel and shelter.  You can help saves lives in Ukraine.  

Care/food package: $45

Tank of fuel: $50

One month's rent: $300


Please designate your donation: Refugees


Update on the Current Events in Ukraine

Isaiah 26:12 "Lord you establish peace for us."

March 14, 2014

The Esther Home

Our house parents, Andrey and Sveta are still waiting for government approval to become a foster family.  They are required to attend a week-long seminar on fostering children from orphanages (you can compare this to home studies done here in the U.S.) 
The requirements of the seminar are that:

  • The seminar must take place in the region where hte home resides. 
  • There must be at must at least 5 local families who want to participate in the seminar in order for it to take place.

In the last two years the number of new family homes and foster families has fallen significantly, due to the unstable and corrupt government in Ukraine. Families couldn’t trust the government to do their part and provide financially for the orphans they took into their home. We have heard from many families that they have not received all of the money or that money came a month late. All the while, their President was building huge villas for himself. This corruption has directly affected many foster families.  Fewer families are agreeing to foster and adopt children in Ukraine. This is why Sveta and Andrey have been waiting since September for a required seminar in their region of Borispol.
In the present turmoil very few government offices work as they are supposed to. Everyone is waiting to see what will happen to Ukraine and no one who is at a higher level wants to make a decision they could regret. So to get certain approvals or certificates, many people will have to wait till it becomes more stable in Ukraine. This can be very frustrating at times and we thank you for your prayers for our staff in Ukraine.

We have high hopes in the new government and the appointed interim-president Turchinov, who is a born again Christian, and pray for the people and the children of Ukraine to find piece and comfort in Jesus Christ.
We are grateful for Sveta and Andrey, who know that God brought them to Esther Home and believe He will make a way.
Please pray for Esther Home:

  • For more families who want to take part in a foster family seminar next month. 
  • Encouragement for Andre and Sveta as they continue to seek God and trust in His plan and timing for the Esther Home.a
  • For the interim and future government of Ukraine to act with integrity and care for those who have the very least in their country. 

Relief Program

The Container is Arriving in Ukraine this Weekend!

The container is scheduled to arrive in Odessa, Ukraine this weekend! It will need to first pass through customs in Odessa and then it will also have to pass through Kiev's customs (scheduled for next Monday).


Please pray for:

  • Good favor with the customs officials.
  • Approval of all the items inside the container and safety of the container during transport.

Summer Camps
Yesterday we spoke to our partners about the upcoming Summer Camps.  They told us that at the moment we could still feel safe about sending teams from the U.S. this summer.  They expressed how encouraging it was to them to know that people  wanted to come serve alongside them in the orphanages.  
We ask you to pray for: 
  • The Ukrainians as they plan the program for the Summer Camps.
  • Orphanages to welcome our teams and want us to hold camps for the children.
  • Discernment for all the logistics of planning the camps, preparing the teams and making travel arrangements. 
  • For the hearts of the children we will be meeting this summer.

Tomorrow Crimea will hold a referendum and Ukrainian citizens in Crimea will vote on these questions: 
Depending upon which way the vote will go, it could potentially spark another escalation of violence and turmoil in the country.  Please keep the region in your prayers tomorrow as the decision is made.  The interim-government of Ukraine and many western countries are claiming that the referendum is illegal while Russia is showing full support for this referendum.    

March 6, 2014

Again, we want to thank you for the many prayers you have given over the past days, weeks and months for the people and country of Ukraine and for Little Lambs Ministry.  

The events in Ukraine are moving at an incredible speed. As of this morning the Crimean Parliament has voted to join the Russian Federation. The decision by parliament must be approved at a referendum, which has been scheduled for March 16th.  However, the Crimean Parliament has already requested that the Russian leadership "launch the procedure of Crimea becoming part of Russia." The Ukrainian government is condemning this decision by the Crimean Parliament 

This is an email that we received from one of our translators: 

"The situation in Kyiv is good and very positive. There are many people in Maidan who are going to stay till the Presidential Election on the 25th of May. I’ve been on Maidan three times since the bloodshed and I have seen the people who come to honor those who were killed.  Many people are still wounded and many are dying in the hospitals today. About 300 people have disappeared since these events first took place. I went to Kyiv to the Prayer Tent where Christians are sharing the Gospel, Christian literature, tea and cookies. They pray together with the people. It is an amazing opportunity for church today. The Christian and Orthodox preachers are also preaching on the Maidan! Our present President, Turchynov is a member of the Baptist church which my aunt attends. Mt. Turchynov has preached at that church many times! Praise the Lord! 


The situation in Crimea is much worse… There is the Russian army with weapons and Ukrainian army without weapons. The Ukrainians want to represent a peaceful way forward.  Our politicians are addressing the Ukrainian army to be quite and not to shoot in any occasion."  

We need to pray: 

  • For the wisdom of the interim government leaders in Ukraine and the wisdom for International leaders as they must decide what steps to take next.
  • For peace, especially in Crimea as the date for this referendum draws near.
  • For peace and real dialogue to take place as pro-Ukrainain and pro-Russian demonstrations are taking place throughout Ukraine. 
  • For the people of Ukraine to be reconciled.
  • For the Christians who are on Maidan, speaking and praying with the people.

Little Lambs Ministry

Summer Camps: We have at least four teams that are planning to go to Ukraine this summer for the camps and possibly two more teams!  At this moment, we still feel safe sending teams from the U.S. but we ask for your prayers in the coming weeks and months as we will have to discern what is best to do.

Relief Program: The container is scheduled to arrive this month in Odessa, which is further west from Crimea.  We ask you to pray that the container would pass through customs and safely reach our warehouse outside of Kiev.  

Little Lambs Homes/Family Homes: We continue to ask for your prayers for the Esther Home.  They are still waiting for a government inspection and approval of the home.  

Please email us directly if you have any questions about the situation. 

February 26, 2014

We want to thank you for the many prayers you have given for the people and country of Ukraine over the past days, weeks and months. We must continue to pray as they face even more challenges ahead. Over the weekend, Victor Yanukovych was ousted as President.  This was a huge victory for the people and what they have been fighting for. However, the future still remains uncertain in many ways. 

The people of Ukraine are seeking a way forward that promises peace, honesty and reconciliation.  Each of the demonstrators have made sacrifices and believe that they deserve to be heard.  To achieve unity within the country will not be an easy task.  

Some key points of what has taken place in Ukraine over the last 72 hours:

  • Victor Yanukovych is on the run as are many of his ministers and close party members.  
  • The ruling party is continuing to fall apart, but the dangers are not over.
  • There are still some pockets of resistance to the new government in the Eastern and South Eastern parts of Ukraine.  

We need to pray: 

  • For the wisdom of the new government leaders
  • For the people to be reconciled
  • For the wisdom of the leaders among the demonstrators. They want to have a say in the government now, but this will not be a simple process.  
  • Against the danger of Russia getting involved now that the Olympic Games are over. 
  • We should praise God for what He is already doing in the country.


Summer Camps in Ukraine

In light of the changes that have taken place this weekend, we feel safe sending teams from the U.S. to Ukraine this summer.  We will extend the deadline for applications if anyone wants to still join us!  

We feel that we will have a unique opportunity this summer to connect with and support the Ukrainians. People all across Ukraine want to build a better country and future for themselves.  There need to be people within Ukraine who are leading by example and serving their communities.  We want to support our Ukrainian partners as they step out and continue to serve children in the orphanages.  We pray that people would be watching our volunteers and how they conduct themselves and serve.  May they be a testimony to how God cares for us and can bring real change into our lives.  

If you cannot come with us to Ukraine this summer, please consider helping to financially support Ukrainians who want to go to the camps.  

February 20, 2014

Continue to Pray for Ukraine

Dear friends and supporters, 

We ask again for your prayers for Ukraine today. Violence has continued to escalate in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, with more lives being taken. We know that in this time we must turn to our God and call on Him to bring peace to Ukraine and real dialogue between the people and the government. May we trust in Christ's sovereign reign and God's love and mercy for His people. May God's presence be seen and peace be known, especially for those in Ukraine who suffer, mourn, despair and are angry.  

Some of our volunteers have gone to join the protesters in Independence Square and have been shot by police with rubber bullets.  They have been injured but not killed. Other volunteers of ours are heading to the Square to bring food and medicine to protesters. 
Please pray with us:
  • For an end to the violence in Ukraine and God's peace for the country and the people of Ukraine
  • For the safety of our volunteers and everyone in Ukraine
  • That no more lives to be taken
  • We ask you to also pray that the riot police and the Berkut (special police) would put down their weapons and stand with the Ukrainian people, rather than violently beating and attacking them
If you would like to read more about what has been taking place in Ukraine you can read more on BBC  and follow us on Facebook.

Thank you for your prayers at this time. 

February 19, 2014

Pray for Ukraine

Over the past two days we have seen the worst violence yet in Ukraine.  Yesterday, police were ordered to clear out all of the anti-government protesters who have been camped out in Independence Square for the past several months. Police moved in and set fire to many of the protester's tents, they came with stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons to clear thousands of protesters out of the Square. Protesters responded by throwing petrol bombs, fireworks and burning tires and anything else they could find in an effort to make a smoke-screen and keep the riot police back. 

The subway system in Kiev has been shut down and entrances into the city have been blocked. Despite this, people from other cities have still been coming into the Kiev. They have been bringing food, medicine and clothing for the protesters. Even some elderly persons have come to Independence Square to gather stones to throw at police. In the midst of the worst violence last night, police set fire to a building with 40 people inside and the protester's food and would not let firemen extinguish the flames. Over 25 people have been killed and thousands have been injured in the clashes.  

The president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, has agreed to a truce with opposition leaders, but we are unsure what exactly this will mean.

We want to pray:
  • For an end to the violence in Ukraine and peace for the country and the people of Ukraine
  • That no more lives to be taken
  • We ask you to also pray that the riot police and the Berkut (special police) would put down their weapons and stand with the Ukrainian people, rather than violently beating and attacking them
If you would like to read more about what has been taking place in Ukraine you can read more on BBC  and follow us on Facebook

Thank you for your prayers at this time.

February 13, 2014

How the Current Events in Ukraine are Affecting Little Lambs Ministry

We want to let you all know how the events taking place in Ukraine have affected different areas of our ministry. First off, all of our Ukrainian partners and volunteers are safe.  As you know, last month we held Winter Camps in orphanages throughout Ukraine.  Here is a letter from one of our partners, Andrey: 
"More than ever, this winter we realized the physical and mental degradation of the children in the orphanages. Maybe it is because of all that is going on in our country, but it was more obvious to see that no one cares about these children and what future they will have. We want to do all that we can to promote the Family Homes in Ukraine and find families that will take an orphan. It is our prayer that one by one God will take children out of this environment. Please pray with us. Thank you for your support and prayers."

Summer Camps:
We are still planning on sending teams to Ukraine for the Summer Camps.  We have several teams from the U.S. that are already planning to go in June and we are still accepting applications for anyone else who is interested in going this summer. You can download an application on our website: 

We are in constant communication with our partners in Ukraine and feel that right now it is safe so send teams.  Obviously if anything happens in the country that would make us feel otherwise, we will choose not to send any teams.  Please pray for peace in Ukraine and that we will still be able to send teams in June.  

Little Lambs Homes:
The last update that we shared with you about the Esther Home was that we were waiting on a government inspection of the home. There has still been no inspection and we don't expect one to happen any time soon. Local government officials are choosing to lay-low and not make any moves or decisions  at this time, for fear it could cost them their jobs.  It has been both disappointing and discouraging for Andrey and Sveta, the couple who has been waiting for months to take children into this home.  Please pray for them in this time as they wait.  Please pray also that despite the fears that government officials may have, they would inspect the home and approve it as a family home.  

Relief Program 
As you know we shipped our final container to Ukraine in January. It is scheduled to arrive in Ukraine in early March.  We are unsure what will happen when it arrives at the border - whether it will be held at the border without approval, or there will be no problems and it will be easily approved.  Please pray that it would pass through customs and that the items inside would be delivered to the children who need them.  

We thank you for your prayers and support.  Please continue to lift up the country of Ukraine in prayer.

Family Housing Projects

A few years ago the Ukrainian government recognized the need to financially support and promote foster families and family homes.  This has created a great opportunity for Christian families to take in children from orphanages and start a home for 6-8 children.  Hundreds of Christian families have already taken orphans into their homes and hundreds more are willing, but do not have what the government would consider sufficient housing. 



In the last three years Little Lambs has taken on the role of helping families with certain housing projects so that they will have sufficient housing in order to be government approved to take children into their home.  We have helped several families expand their living space by adding on a bedroom or turning a garage into a bedroom. We have also helped families renovate their kitchen or bathroom, and other families we have helped financially so that they can afford to move into a larger apartment that could accommodate more children. 


What an amazing opportunity it has been to help provide a home and a family for so many children!


These are our Current Housing Projects:


Esther Home:  Money to purchase a stove, refrigerator, freezer and microwave


Sergey and Natasha have fixed up half of the building they received from the government in Sherbinovka and have already taken in 5 children.  Little Lambs helped them to buy a heating system for their home.  Right now they need help purchasing a van for their family. 


Oleg and Sveta in Zolotanosha need to add a bathroom and addition 2 rooms.  They have taken in 5 children and want to take in 5 more.  They need $2000 for the plumbing and drywall. 


Maxim and Tanya have taken in 6 children and would like to add 2 more bedrooms for more children.  They need $3000 for the construction.


Oksana and Vladimir have adopted one boy and would like to take in 4 more boys, but they live in a 2 room apartment.  They have found a house for $12,500 and are praying for God's direction. 


We are so excited to help these families provide a home for orphaned children.  It is absolutely the best for these children to be in a good home and have a family that loves them.  These projects range from between $1500 - $12,500.  Together we can help provide a home for a child!